Monday, February 6, 2017

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3

We are BACK!!!

I can't wait to show you what incredible things the bloggers have done for season 3 of Boys Can Wear Pink!

This year is even bigger than before! We have a total of 32 sponsors and 21 bloggers this year!

Holy Smokes!!!! Yes!!! 32 sponsors and 21 bloggers!!!!

Because of the crazy amount of support we have this year, we are going to be doing one giveaway EVERY DAY this week!!!
Yes!!! Every day you will have a chance to win an awesome prize package! We'll go over today's prize pack in a bit. First, I want to share Thomas's look for this year.

Isn't his shirt fun! That incredibly cool rainbow zebra fabric is from Mabel Madison.
I used (affil) Love Notions Vanguard Kit shirt for the sweet v-neck to make this a kinda modern retro shirt.

He loves this fabric so much. When I asked him about it while browsing Mabel Madison for the perfect fabric, his response was "Why WOULDN'T I like that fabric?!" LOL Good answer, kid.

Today's bloggers also have some great looks! 

Karly from Paisley Roots never shies away from color and pattern for her kids.

 Katy's little guy is always so styling! Check out his look over at Wild & Wanderful.

Proving that boys can wear pink outside of the US, is Sarah from Made by Jack's Mum.

Gemia from Phat Quarters Blog created such a great layered look for her son.

I am loving this tie Aiaire created! Click over to Call Ajaire to see more.

Max California's Ari does it again with this amazing jacket!

 Thank you to today's sponsors!!!

The prize package includes

Boys Pattern Bundle from Love Notions Patterns
Pattern of choice from Pollywoggles
Pattern of choice from Cole’s Corner and Creations
Pattern of choice from Snuggle My Baby Patterns
Pattern of choice from Sisboom
$25 gift certificate from Hawthorne Threads
(bundles excluded)

Here is the incredible blogger line up for the week! Check back to enter the DAILY giveaways!

We will see you tomorrow!!


  1. Nice to see handmade boy clothes in the spotlight. Great giveaway too~

  2. Cool, I have been looking forward to this! My boy used to love pink and flowers, but than went to school... let's hope I can return him ;)

  3. I love this tour! I have a little guy who loves all the fancy fabrics his big sisters get to wear, and I struggle with how to work them into his wardrobe sometimes.

  4. Love seeing for my grandson (9) and greatgrandsons (4 and8)looking forward to seeing all the posts this week to find inspiration!

  5. I've been looking forward to this all year!

  6. I love the shirt and I'm looking forward to see everyone else's creations. I really should sew for my little guy more.

  7. This is the first year I've heard of this, but I love it!! My boys love all the colors and have no shame in pink! Great job putting this together. I can't wait to see all the posts!

  8. So fun! And perfect timing...I have a jealous middle child boy who's getting jealous of I'll the girly things I've been making! ��

  9. This is so awesome!!!!!! This is the first year I've heard of this but so excited!!!

  10. I love that you do this series. My 11 year olds favorite color is pink and I love the inspiration I get from all the bloggers to help with his wardrobe.

  11. I love, love, love the zebra fabric and the fun series...I try to tell my hubby that grown men can wear pink too, but he doesn't believe me yet!

  12. You know this is my favorite tour ever. Thanks for having me for a third year!
    I can't believe how old Thomas looks in these pictures. My heart! This fabric is all sorts of awesome...I think I'm going to have to hit up Emily for some of my own.

  13. My boy loves colour, thanks for inspiring me to get back to sewing for him!

  14. I love this tour. I'm going to put it into my calendar to sew along next year.

  15. I'd love to get involved next year!
    I was horrified at one event a couple of years ago when a lady who loved a dragon top I had for sale said she wouldn't be able to buy it as some of the dragons were pink and her husband thought boys wearing any pink would be turned gay! Utterly laughable of course but it is deeply disturbing that there are still people out there with this sort of outdated view :/

  16. So glad to see this tour again! My son wears pink often so I look forward to more inspiration!

  17. I'm a fairly new reader so I had no idea this was coming up. I'll be interested to read along every day!

  18. Awesome giveaway! Nice to see boy things!

  19. I always love seeing your creations! Those zebras are fantastic! :)

  20. Awesome giveaway and wonderful patterns!

  21. That Zebra fabric is so cool! Thank you so much for organizing this again and having me on for the third year in a row! This is one of my absolutely favorite blog tours! <3


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