Monday, June 8, 2015

Canadian Designer Blog Tour

I am so excited to be participating on the Candian Designer Blog Tour hosted by Lulu and Celeste. I am espcially excited to get to sew something up for my big old seventeen year old son! (And, will be sewing more with the coupon at the end of the post!) He kinda gets the short end of the stick when it comes to getting handmade goodies. Which is sad because he WANTS them. Yes! Even teens can appreciate a handmade item. And with a great pattern and the right fabrics, you can even make COOL handmade clothes for teenage boys. 

I have been eyeing Thread Theory for a while now. I hadn't taken the plunge to purchase because I haven't seen a whole lot of talk about them and I wasn't familiar with them. But, when I saw they were one of the designers on this tour, I JUMPED at the chance to sew one of their patterns for my son. We went with the Newcastle Cardigan.