Friday, October 27, 2017

The Dress Up Hoodie

The Dress Up Hoodie

Mouse House Creations just released their new Dress Up Hoodie and Thomas was so excited when we were asked to help out with the pattern. When he saw all the choices, he immediately ordered THREE hoodies!! So far, I only have one finished for him. But he LOVES it!!

Seriously, how cool is that!!!???

The Dress Up Hoodie is a pattern designed to give you ultimate freedom in creating unique FUN hoodies for your kid. There are a crazy number of options!! Cat, bunny, shark, dino, mouse, unicorn, horse, bat, butterfly and bird. And, if you just need a great basic, you can make a simple classic hoodie.

We went with the shark for the first one. And, took some creative liberties with it. You can totally put the fin on the back to make it more in line with how a shark is, the pattern features an optional seam in the back just for this! I put it on the hood so that Thomas could wear this to school without causing too much of a distraction. The hood goes down nicely, even with the fin on there.

There are eyes to applique onto the hood, if you like. I found some cool eyes online and used my silhouette and some heat transfer vinyl to create the eyes for Thomas's hoodie.

For fabric, I upcycled a couple of men's tee shirts I found on clearance for $3 each. The men's clearance section is my favorite place to buy fabric locally for boy's clothes.

This guy is sensitive and doesn't like stuff around the edge of his hood, so the teeth along the lining is the perfect solution!! You get the cool teeth, and none of the feel of the eyes in your way.

This hoodie is going to be getting a ton of use this fall and winter! Thomas has requested a bat and a bird for his other two versions.

Grab up the Dress Up Hoodie today!!

 It's on sale for $8.50 through Halloween. After that, it goes to the regular price of $10.50. You still have time to make some super cute Halloween costumes from it even!! Hooray for procrastinating paying off!!! Need some ideas? The testers for this pattern knocked it out of the park!! Holy cow!! You have to hop over to Mouse House Creations and see what they created!!!