Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Where does one start when they decide to start a blog? It seems too formal to introduce myself. I would assume that anybody reading this first lonely post would already know who I am. So we can skip the intro right? I'm Kelly. That's enough to start with. You'll figure out who I am as we go along, right?

Starting a blog seems soooo trendy. It's what all the cool kids do. And there are so many blogs! And so many great  ones! I'm not starting this blog to be one of the great bloggers of today, or to be one of the cool kids. I'm starting a blog for a few different reasons.

 First, it's kinda neat to be able to look back at all the stuff I have done. My inner organizational freak loves the thought of having all my projects all lined up and neat and orderly. So I guess the main reason for this is pretty selfish. I want to keep my stuff in order. 
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Second, so many times I hear things like "What good boy sewing patterns are there?" Or "Where can I find good boy stuff?" It would be so nice to just say "Here! I have a list of so many cool boy things! Come see!"

Yes, I have girls too that I do sew and create for, but they are older and more picky about what they will wear that is made by their mom. The little boy though, he doesn't care! He loves his mommy made clothes! And I love to make them! And, I love a challenge! It's so easy to find pages upon pages of ruffles and dresses and a million and one different types of skirts and shirts for a little girl. But for boys, you have to dig a little, and think a little more. There is a challenge to sewing for a boy. And not just sewing for a boy, but sewing for a boy with style, with modern flare. Sewing for a boy and getting the "you MADE that!?" response. Because sewing for little boys can go way beyond sewing pajama pants.

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So that is where we are going to go, beyond the pajama pants. Sure, I'll have some girl stuff from time to time. But I want to focus on the little guy, because sewing for boys rocks! Stick around, hang out with us. I promise it will be fun! I'm mean come on, how can it not be?
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