Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Wolf and the Tree Tour

Where in the world did the last two months go? Each year I underestimate how crazy spring will be and wouldn't you know it, I did it again! So this blog has been neglected a bit. But today, I'm on the Wolf and The Tree's Tour featuring the Women's Gazelle pattern. I made some crazy quick shorties for my 11 year old who fits beautifully in the women's size XS. 

Got to love it when a women's pattern allows me to continue sewing for my tween!
Meet Kate! Yes, you have seen her before. :)

Kate is 5'1" tall and a size 14 in girls. She is quickly growing out of my children's patterns and moving into womens. Kate also loves to tumble and needed some new shorts that would stay in place and allow her to do all her flips and tricks.

(I had envisioned a super cool, sharp tumbling shot. But it was too overcast and late in the day and the shutter speed just wasn't happening. Let's pretend this was intentional. Feel the action? LOL)

This spring has been insane! However, I was able to sew these shorts up for her in less than half an hour. I can't drive to the store and buy a pair for her in that amount of time! Win!

There are lots of options in the ladies Gazelle. You can make full on tights, full length leggings, or capri length, biker length or shorties. Pick between yoga waistband or elastic waist, hems or cuffs and four different rises. We went with medium rise shorties with cuffs. I should have gone with the petite sizing, but instead went with regular. (because I was lazy and didn't measure her inseam before starting, and just used her hips and waist measurements I already had on hand.) I don't know if that effected the rise or not, but they seem kinda high on my daughter, who typically finds rises a bit low on her. These easily went over her belly button. Next pair I will do the low rise.

I used a black cotton lycra with a great four way stretch. The pattern does include the ability to use two way stretch fabric also! 

I definitely plan to make several more of these for Kate. (and a few for myself for running!) Interested in making your own?

You can get your own copy of the patterns HERE or HERE. You can use the code YellowRibbon to save 25% through Monday May 30, 2016. Be sure to check out the other blogs this week for as no two have sewn the same item!
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