Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4 Day 3

Boys Can Wear Pink Day 3

Day 3 is here!! Today we have....

Sprouting JubeJube shares a beautiful pink button down with us. Everything about this shirt is simply beautiful. Hop to her blog to see who it's for!!

 Handcrafted by RED has some super cool fabric any boy (and lots of girls!!) would love to wear!

 CKC Patterns is back and today they have a comfy look with a message.

And while we are here, this will forever be one of my favorite "I dressed myself pictures". LOL It's so much proof that boys like bold bright fun colors too!

Come back tomorrow for more great ideas for your son's wardrobe!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4 Day 2

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4 Day 2

The most fun part of this is seeing how much the kids have grown up over the years and how their style and personality influences what is created. Last year, Thomas didn't want "a pink shirt". (He actually doesn't care for pink. LOL He loves purple though!) So, we went with this cool rainbow striped zebra fabric. This shirt is still in very heavy rotation in his closet!

Boys Can Wear Pink is about opening peoples eyes to fact that EVERYBODY CAN WEAR EVERY COLOR. Pink and purple are not only for girls and blue and black are not only for boys. Anybody can wear anything. My goal for this tour every year is to get that message across.

Welcome back to day 2 of the Boys Can Wear Pink Tour! Did you enjoy the awesome stuff from day 1? I did!! Here is today's line up.

 Tales of a Tester has a fun look for us with a mix of patterns! I need that origami fabric!

DoodleNumber5 sewed the cutest pink plaid shirt. This is so perfect for spring!

 Sew Shelly Sew has the cutest pink piggy slippers to share! Definitely something every boy should own!

Max California has a new boy in the house and he is rocking some amazing overalls in some of the best fabric ever!

 CKC Patterns has a fun Western look to share with us today! I love pink button down shirts!

Come back tomorrow for more great ideas for your son's wardrobe!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink Season FOUR

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4

Can you believe we are on season FOUR of Boys Can Wear Pink?! I can't!! My little guy isn't so little anymore and he definitely has an even stronger opinion of what he will wear now that he's 7 (He will tell you he's 8 since his birthday is in April.)

Look how big he is!!! But that huge smile hasn't changed. Well, it's missing some teeth, but the smile is the same. ;)

Now that I'm sewing for an older boy, I make sure he loves everything I make him. He has input on the fabric and patterns I use. When he saw this Cotton + Steel Mystery Food (sorry, it's sold out!) in orchid, he was definitely in love! And when I paired it with this super cool distressed denim knit, he was over the moon!

Seriously, how cool is that outfit!

The face of a happy customer.

I used Love Notions Vanguard Kit shirt for his shirt. It's such a great fit on him. I left it unhemmed because the fabric told me too. LOL I'm hoping the sleeves curl a bit more after a run through the washer.

For his pants, we went with his favorite comfy pants, the Love Notions Moto Maxx pants without the knee panels. This pattern makes the best slim fit joggers!!

Serious fashion going on with these pants.

I love these two fabrics paired together! And I'm definitely regretting not getting more of that Cotton + Steel fabric!! It's incredible!

Thomas hammed it up big time for our photo shoot.

Which definitely makes my job photographing him easier. But man, it makes picking blog pictures sooo much harder! Sooooo, you guys get to see lots of that big toothless smile.

I love this blog tour and I LOVE that so many of the bloggers have been with us from the start. It's incredible to see their kids grow over the years. Today's bloggers are.....

EYMM did the coolest applique for her look! Who says boys can't rock a pink jelly fish??

 Wild & Wanderful has been with us from the start. Her little guy is the same age as Thomas. It's been so fun to see them both grow up over the years.

 CKC Patterns will be joining us all week long! How fun!!! Today, they are sharing a modern look.

 MBJM has also been with us since year one. I can't get enough of her little blondies. I'm totally crushing over the fabric she used!!

Come back tomorrow for more great ideas for your son's wardrobe!!