Monday, January 30, 2017

Something New: Love Notions Terra Tunic

Love Notions is releasing the new (affil) Terra Tunic today. So many great features and options in this pattern means that you can sew up several different tunics and still create several different looks.

The side vent at the hem is such a great touch. It's nice and chunky and super easy to create.

There are six different necklines to choose from: scoop, v-neck, funnel neck, asymmetrical collar,  boat neck, and hooded v-neck And four sleeve lengths, short, elbow, 3/4, and long. And optional elbow patches and welt pockets.

I sewed up an elbow length v-neck in a nice stable poly cotton blend french terry.

And a long sleeve, elbow patched v-neck hood in a drapier poly rayon french terry.

The hood has this neat cross over at the center. 

The navy doesn't show the lines of the pattern as well as I had hoped, but man is it comfy and soft and so warm!

Both of my fabrics are from So Sew English and I love the quality of both of them. They washed up beautifully and were really easy to sew up.

 You can use a wide variety of knits with at least 25% stretch for the Terra Tunic, french terry, cotton lycra, ponte, sweater knits and double knit.

Grab the Terra Tunic now while it's on sale for $8 through Saturday, February 4.


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