Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3 Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of BCWP!

Are you guys ready for day 2? I really don't know how I ended up with such amazing bloggers to work with each year. I am so so grateful for all of the hard work and energy that they put into their posts and their help making this tour such a success. 

Because let's get real, without them, it would just be me sharing some pictures of my son in his handmade clothes. The bloggers make this tour what it is.

I want to share Thomas's quilt today.

 Now, I know, it's Boys Can WEAR Pink, but dang it, they can sure sleep under it also. ;) A few months ago I made Thomas this scrappy quilt.

(yucky phone pic)

As you can see, plenty of pink fabrics are included.

He clearly doesn't care though!
(again, yuck phone pic)

He adores this quilt and sleeps with it every single night. Pink fabrics and all.

Now back to the clothes!

Today we have five more talented bloggers.

Tami from Sew Sophie Lynn always has the best dressed kids!

I am totally in love with Lindsay's son. You can find him over on Doodle Number 5.

Carrie from Beri Bee Designs used the coolest fabric for her son!

And Courtney from The Wholesome Mama made her little boy a shirt he doesn't want to ever take off!

Seriously great looks from everybody! Again! How do they keep doing it?!

How about today's giveaway?

Today's we are giving away 
Pattern of choice from Titchy Threads
$15 shop credit from Sofilantjes
Pattern of choice from Twig + Tale
Pattern of choice from Pickle Toes Patterns
Pattern of choice from stitchART
Mystery pack of fabric and three yard pre-order credit from Piccadilly
(no bundles please)

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