Sunday, August 17, 2014

Did you hear?! Bundle Up Boy's Sale

Have you heard about the awesome Bundle Up Boy's Sale coming up August 22-29? If you didn't know, Bundle Up is a "collective of your favorite established PDF sewing pattern designers coming together to offer you a sweet deal on hot new patterns." That is the description from the website. :) Each bundle is themed, this one being for boys, YEA!! All of the patterns are new release, so no worries about if you have the patterns already, because you don't! AND, you can decide which patterns you want! You buy a minimum of 6 to take advantage up the bundle, but the more you buy, the more you save. Cool, huh! (There is a surprise at the end of this post!)

So, have I mentioned that I was lucky enough to test not one, but TWO of the amazing new patterns?

Isn't he styling! Let's start with the Lumberjack Shirt.

This cozy shirt pattern is loaded with options! You can make your shirt lined, or unlined or with a collar or a hood. I went with a snuggly flannel shirt lined with cotton knit and a knit interlock hood that is lined with jersey cotton. This shirt is a great weight and is perfect for a light jacket even.

This instructions in the pattern and nice and clear. Even if you haven't done button cuffs on a shirt, you can get beautiful results with this pattern. As you can see here, I was lazy and simply serged my layers together. It was a bit thick to fold over and hem like the pattern instructed to do.

The hood is a great option for us. This little guy loves to keep his head warm when it is the slightest bit chilly out, so I know this will get tons of use! And when it gets cold, I can actually layer this shirt under another light weight coat without a hood that he never wants to wear, because of missing said hood, and he will be nice and toasty well through November.

The option of the double pockets are nice. Next time I think I am going to modify things a bit and add side seam pockets. Because a boy can never have enough pockets, right?

This shirt also rocks on a girl!

Isn't it sweet! She loves it and has requested another from hot pink and black buffalo plaid. Girl has good tastes!

Awe, the magic of a photograph. Looks like they adore each other doesn't it. Ha! They love to drive each other crazy! Siblings, they will be nice to each other as adults, right?

Okay, back to business! The second pattern I tested was the Field Research Pants by Scientific Seamstress. 

If you are looking for a pair of pants that are a bit more challenging, these are your pants!
The instructions are fantastic and you will feel like a rock star when you get that zip off pant leg installed. That's right! The pant legs zip off!

Look at that zipper! I'm telling you, they go in so easily and beautifully you will amazing yourself!

The pants are corduroy, though it doesn't look like it. It's rather light weight so they aren't so hot when they are in shorts mode.

Speaking of shorts mode, I blew his mind when I zipped the pant legs off! Love it!

And have you noticed all the pockets? There are SIX! Two back, two front and two cargo pockets. Pockets gallor! Perfect for all the trinkets he finds hiking. Care to guess how many CLEAN rocks I have in a jar on my washing machine?

Aren't they sweet! Like the belt? I'll do a tutorial on that soon!

LOVE these two patterns together! He makes for one stylish four year old. Not to mention he is all set to go exploring through the woods this fall. He loves hiking and can't get enough of it, so I imagine we will get a lot of use out of this set.

Here are a few more shots, because..... well, I can!

Now, are you ready for the surprise? You can win the collection of Bundle Up Boy's patterns before you can buy them! Are you excited? I know I am!
Go HERE for your chance to win the collection!
Go HERE to check out all 12 amazing patterns in the bundle!

*Disclosure: I did receive the two patterns I tested for free in exchange of testing them out. The opinions on the patterns are all mine. Yep! I really do love them!


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