Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aviator Pants. Yep, for girls too!

By now I am sure you have heard about the Bundle Up Boys sale. Unless you live under a rock. Which if that is the case, you probably don't have a sewing machine, or a computer, because you would be a bug and bugs typically don't have either. But you aren't a bug, so I am sure you know about the sale and all the awesome new patterns available.

When I heard about it, I was super excited! Boy stuff! Lots of super cool boy stuff!! Boys can be over looked a little bit in the pattern world. I mean, really how many ways can you make a pair of pants or a shirt? It's all in the details with boys. Details make things stand out and stand apart. These new patterns have some fabulous details. Cool, new, fresh patterns for BOYS! HORRAY!! And from amazing established designers!

But, like all things for boys, girls come in and take what they want out of it. I mean, really, girls have the best of both worlds! Anything for boys is socially acceptable for girls as well. Sadly, that doesn't work the same way yet for boys. I mean, girls can play with trucks and in the dirt and nobody really bats an eye. A boy playing with dolls and in glittery nail polish just isn't looked at the same way. For the record, my son has several dolls and loves to wear glittery nail polish of every color. ;) So, back on track, girls take the toys, the names (I'm not talking truly unisex names. I have read of a case of a girl even having the name Thomas!), and even the clothes off the boys backs. Case in point, the Aviator Pants by Winter Wear Designs.

When asked who would like to do a girly version of one of the new Bundle Up patterns, I jumped at it. Being the hypocrite that I am. ;) After thinking long and hard about it, I chose the Aviator Pants as my pattern.

Sorry boys, these pants ROCK on a girl.

Because I sew for an older girl, 10 for the record, I keep my fabrics simple. I went with a dark charcoal gray ponte fabric from JoAnn's as my main fabric. The pattern features some pretty sweet triangle accents at the bottom of the pant legs. Super visible in that picture above because I used the same fabric as my main fabric for those. ;) Again, keeping things simple and clean for an older child. You still get the super cool effect, just much more subtle. My accent fabric for the cuffs, waistband and inside of the front pockets is a knit cotton lycra. And I used a hot pink knit interlock for the welt pockets in the back. I did interface those like crazy to help hold the shape.

My daughter absolutely loves, loves, LOVES these pants. The styling is right up her alley. She isn't super girly girl. She will wear dresses occasionally and likes pink. But she has a bit of a rocker style and these pants totally delivered it.

They are totally comfy and perfect for rocking out in the back alley. LOL Because 10 year olds so often rock out in alleys right.

I did add a little girly touch by stitching a heart under one of the welt pockets.

How freaking sweet is that? Little touches are pretty key for girl clothing, also.

I also added a little zipper cargo pocket on one leg. She loves that little element! Because, you know, girls like pockets as much as boys do.

These pants are a total win for girls!

You can see the triangle accents here. The pattern also has an option to just do a straight leg. But really, the triangle is super easy to do and adds such a nice element of design, even when done in the same fabric as the rest of the pants. You can also leave the cuffs off, but that's no fun either. And bonus, cuffs are easier than hemming.

I found the fit to be right on. Kate here is a size 10 ready to wear and according to the size chart, she was a 10 for these also. So guess what! I sewed a 10 up and they fit spot on. The pattern has the option for just a yoga waistband, that I did here, or adding elastic for some extra support. I will be going in and adding the elastic to these. The ponte fabric has a bit of weight to it, so the elastic is pretty warranted. I think if I would have picked a lighter weight fabric, she wouldn't need the elastic.

Sorry boys, you have to share one more thing with the girls. I definitely will be making up a couple more pairs of Aviator Pants for Kate this winter.

BUT WAIT...................

Of course, I HAD to make a pair for Thomas as well. I mean, come on! It is Bundle Up BOYS after all.

I didn't even measure him. Crazy sewing was happening there! I traced a 5 and went for it. And they fit! Perfectly! I did add the elastic to the waistband of this pair. I cut the elastic to my standard Thomas's elastic size and they are perfectly perfect. Perfect!

And following in his big sister's foot steps, he loved these! He said they are very cozy. Which is a good thing, because the kid will only wear cozy.

I used some amazing cotton lycra for the main fabric and the triangle accents. I bought my cotton lycra at Purple Seamstress on facebook and can't rave enough about her! The fabric is amazing quality. And more importantly, the customer service is superior! I messaged her asking how fast she can get this fabric to me for this project and she had it across country in three days. And that is her standard shipping!! Awesome. His tee shirt fabric is from Purple Seamstress as well. The pattern for his shirt is the Grand Slam from Peek-a-Boo.

The little modification I made to Thomas's pants was to do a zipper welt pocket in the back.

I love the color contrast on these. And look at those beautiful seams coming together in the triangle. Perfect! You can also see the faux piping I did for the front pockets. Pretty sweet detailing that is in the pattern directions.

So it's official. This pattern is a win for BOYS and GIRLS! If you want to sew up some Aviator Pants for your kid, boy or girl, you have to hurry! The bundle sale ends tomorrow! After that, you have to wait until the patterns go on sale individually later this fall. Don't wait! Think it's too hot still for Aviator Pants? There's a shorts option as well! So what is your excuse now? That's what I thought.

Go grab the pattern before it's too late and you regret it.

 Disclaimer: I did receive the pattern for the aviator pants free to do a girly spin on it and blog about it. My thoughts of the pattern are mine and mine alone. They are pretty sweet pants. :)

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