Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's get ready for some football!

Today I'm over at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop sharing a tutorial on how to turn the Play Date V-Neck into an awesome football jersey t-shirt. I am so beyond happy with how the shirt turned out. It's perfect for fall and football season!  Head over there to check out how to make one.

Here, I am going to give you a little behind the scenes tour of the photo shoot.
 I normally share beautifully posed, modeled photographs.

Well, our modeling sessions are definitely NOT a calm, smooth event. They are crazy, silly and  honestly, not really posed. And I'll admit, they can be stressful! Especially when we are shooting with about 20 minutes of day light left and a deadline to pick up big sister from orchestra practice in 15 minutes! Crazy doesn't describe how I am sure we looked to the people running the track around the football field.

THIS is how he is during our shoots. 

While trying to capture the yummy sleeve detailing, he jumps up and starts shaking like a dog who just jumped out of the tub.

The gorgeously posed pictures are possible with a fast shutter speed and the ability to take 250+ pictures of  blinking, crotch grabbing, jumping, figgeting, and pure silliness in a matter of 15 minutes crossing my fingers that I have captured something great in there, all while playing with him and directing him to look this direction or that. A few mere seconds (maybe 1.5) after I shot that beautifully posed shot above, he threw the ball to me, which was more at me since I had a 20lb camera in my face and no free hand to catch that ball. (myself, and more importantly, the camera, were unharmed due to my lighting reflexes allowing me the skills to duck out of the way in time)

He was not posed in that quarterback shot. We were actually playing catch. Or attempting to anyway.

Goofy faces are his forte. Like I can't see them or something because I have my face behind a camera. I don't know. But when he does this and I tell him to "make a nice face, please!" He comes back with "You me like this?"

Yeah, that's exactly what I want. I want you to show readers how beautiful your molars are, kid.
In this stellar image we have not only a goofy face, but we also witness the wondering hand. That hand has to be accounted for in every. single. image. Nice, huh.

Exasperated that he has to stand right THERE in this nice little pocket of light. Modeling is tough work. He is also watching a man running around the track. Very concerned where that man was at all times. I don't know why that man needed supervised among the dozen or so other people out there that day, but he clearly did.

He is by far my most difficult model, but I love the challenge he brings with him to each and every shoot. I love that I am capturing HIM. He is a very sweet boy, but definitely has a level of spunk in him that can only truly be experienced in person. In the end, like always, he did give me some amazing shots.

Go check out the pretty shots and find out how to make your own football jersey t-shirt over at Peek-a-Boo Pattern!



  1. haha! That's how our shoots are! I love the wacky shots too!

  2. I just realized I'm reading this with John looking over my shoulder... Hopefully he's not picking up tips!!


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