Friday, August 8, 2014

Patterns for Pirates Swashbuckler Swim Trunks

 So I know it's August and so many are already toting their kids back to school. Which is crazy to me! We don't go back for a couple more weeks. But anyway, you still have time to make a super cute pair of swim trunks for your little guy! And want to know a secret, you can use this pattern for shorts too! That's what I actually made here using Pattern for Pirates Swashbuckler Swim Trunks.

I am so in love with the color blocking option of this pattern. (There is an option to make simple basic solid trunks also.) How cool are these! And they are so simple to make too! (I use way too many exclamation marks. Sorry! Opps! They just sneak in.) These really didn't take much longer to make than simple shorts. I had these sewn up in about an hour if I remember correctly. No side seams make them a quick sew, even with the extra steps to color block.

To take them a step farther, I hand drew a little sail boat on the bottom  that I then hand embroidered. This little boat makes me smile. Boys can totally pull off embroidery! 

One step on the pattern that you can also see above is to topstitch on the elastic. It makes the shorts/trunks have more of a ready wear appearance. It also keeps the elastic nice and straight. How annoying is a waistband that keeps rolling? None of that with this option!

Check it out, no side seam! You don't have to worry about your blocks matching up exactly.

The fit of these are great. They have a relaxed fit, with a slightly lower crotch that is common with board shorts. My guy is skinny! These are a 4 with the elastic taken in slightly for his skinniness.

I made my shorts out of kona cotton. And even though I didn't line these (which is super easy to do with Judy's directions!), his pay off for doing such a great job modeling for me was a run through the local fountains. The shorts stayed up even soaking wet. I'd say that's a win! 

I seriously adore this kid!

The required artsy shot. :) 

And of course the "This is the last frame I am giving you, Mom" look.
Go here to great your copy of Pattern for Pirates Swashbuckler Swim Trunks. Sew up a great pair of swim trunks for an end of season trip to the pool or beach, or sew up a great pair of shorts for back to school! Either way, you will get a super cool boy look from this pattern!


  1. Swoonworthy! I love the color blocking and top stitching on the waistband, I feel the sudden need to make shorts :p