Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bundle Up Boy's Blog Tour

My first blog tour!! I was so excited when I was asked to be a part of the Bundle Up Boy's blog tour!

There are so many great patterns, I couldn't decided what to choose! But I finally got it narrowed down to Brownie-Goose Pattern's Butler Britches that I paired up with Fairytale Pattern's Letterman Jacket.

 Seriously, how great are these together!
  I love the look we came up with!

First, let's talk pants.

They look a bit different than the pattern shows, right. 

Well, I was sewing along, minding my own business and BAM! The fabulous lines of the Butler Britches just smacked me in the face and begged me to leave the cuffs off the pants entirely. It wasn't until after a lot of mental back and forth though! Do I dare leave off a key element of the design?  I finally went for it and so glad I did! I did ask Amy, the amazing designer of Brownie-Goose, and she gave me the thumbs up to go with it. :)

The pattern has two options for the pocket style. LOVE the pockets on these! 

There are also two different waistband styles as well, flat front, or elastic throughout. I went with the flat front and I think these could be pulled out when he needs a dressier pair of pants, they look so clean and modern.

I used a super light weight denim for these. They are so soft and comfy! He requested more of these. Honestly! So I have more planned, of course! I want to do a pair in flannel for him for pajamas. I can't wait to get to those. :) I have some beautiful Michael Miller broadcloth in a gorgeous gray that is set aside for a pair as well.

The fit on these is perfect! Thomas is really skinny and tall. I went with the size 2T for the waist and then used the size 5 for the rise and the inseam. The rise is a bit high for his liking, the waist sits right across his belly button. Next time I will probably use a 3 or a 4 for the rise. Clearly his height is all in his legs and not his torso.

The directions are written up in a very nice way and have lots of little tips for avoiding mistakes. Things like marking which rise is the front so you don't sew your pockets on the wrong side. Not that these pockets wouldn't be adorable in the front also! These pants are a crazy fast sew without the cuffs. The instructions for the cuffs is very clear, so I can't imagine they take a long time to do either. I'd call this a one nap time pattern.

Now the coat.

This Letterman Jacket is the bomb. That is all. Enough said.

I went my own direction with it and totally ignored the fabric suggestions of fleece, sweatshirt fleece, twill, bottomweights, denim, corduroy, flannel backed satin and faux leather. I used knits. Specifically, I used a sweatshirt knit (black fabric) (not sure why it is called that, it's nothing like a sweatshirt. It's more like a thick brushed interlock.) and french terry (yellow) and a ribbed knit as suggested for the waistband and cuffs.

"Want me to smile like this, Mom?"

 I also fully lined this bad boy with some soft cotton/lycra fabric. The actual pattern for the Letterman's Jacket is unlined, which is great for the fabrics actually suggested for the pattern! But, between the lighter weight fabric I went with, and the fact that little man is a sensitive little guy and seams drive him mad along his neck, I altered the pattern and lined it.

(yucky iphone picture)

So, I took all those wonderfully cozy fabrics, a great pattern and then throw in some BATMAN! How could this coat not be loved by a four year old boy?

The large Batman symbol on the back is a hand made applique. I used the same french terry as I used for the sleeves. The rest of the patches are from an amazing hoodie I bought from Target a few years back that was long out grown.

It was really hard to cut into this. He LOVED this hoodie and wore it all the time. I am so happy that the elements of the hoodie can live on though!

The pockets are traditional letterman jacket welt pockets. I heart welt pockets!

(Don't fall for the puppy eyes. He can fake sad like nobody's business!)

I placed a patch on the upper sleeve like you can find on many letterman jackets.

He is such a tenderhearted guy. He was watching some older boys play and the two oldest left the youngest behind while he called for them to wait up. It concerned Thomas a lot that the boy was left by his friends. Such a sweet kid I have.

And a huge goof ball at the same time. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and check out our new look using Brownie-Goose's Butler Britches and Fairytale Pattern's Letterman Jacket! Be sure to check out all the amazing blogs along the tour!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. I did receive the two patterns I reviewed for free. My thoughts and opinions on the patterns are purely mine.


  1. He's such a handsome guy!! I love everything that you've made Kelly! I've already copied your idea of leaving the cuffs off the Butlers - and finished them in an hour :) I love the lines of the pants and the jacket is just perfection! Good job lady!

  2. These are so great!!!! When I grow up I want to photograph as well as you! ;)


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