Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boys CAN Wear Boarder Prints

Moms of boys, have you been jealous of all the great ways girl mommas can use fabulous boarder prints? So many great dress and skirt patterns work wonderfully with boarder prints, especially the beautiful Wee Wander Summer Night Lights.

Well, boys can wear it too. ;)

My handsome little man is wearing a Peek-a-Boo Classic Oxford turned camp shirt. I used my tutorial found here at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's Blog.

Check it out, that beautiful boarder print wraps all the way around making a darling little scene around the bottom of his shirt.

Thomas loves it and calls it his lighting bug shirt. He loves catching lighting bugs so I knew he would be all over this print. And he was! He called dibs as soon as I opened the package and showed it to him.

This would be such a classic, kinda retro feel photo if it weren't for the lovely temporary tattoos his big sister put on him. Totally forgot about those until we were on location getting dressed, sun setting and we had just 15 minutes of good light left. Oh well. It's my little guy and I'll keep him.

I LOVE making oxfords! There is just something about making a shirt that has details and looks so polished that thrills my inner sewing geek. I can't get enough of little details like that contrasting collar stand lining. Yum! Want a better shot of it? Of course you do!

Ahhh, look at that! And that contrasting yoke linking gets me too. Little touches like that to boy's clothing can really take it to the next level. The shirt has snaps, at the boy's request. He doesn't like buttons. He can do them, not sure why he doesn't like them. I think he likes to rip his shirt off like the Hulk. Snaps allow that. ;)

Did I just open up the door to boarder prints for boy sewing? I know I can't wait to find more and sew up more camp shirts for the fall with them!


  1. Love this shirt and he is the cutest thing! I just adore these pictures!

  2. Love this! I've bought the same fabric in an impulse shopping moment, and have been wondering what to do with it ever since! I finally know! Shamelessly copy this fabulous shirt!

  3. By the way, which pattern did you use?

    1. Thank you!! I used the Classic Oxford shirt by peek-a-boo and changed it up a bit. I linked to the shirt pattern and the tutorial I did about the changes above in the post. :)


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