Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Layered Look Hooded Tee

I am all about the faux layered look with my son. I love, love, LOVE the look of layers, but my son is always so HOT. So, I love making him single layered shirts that LOOK like he has a couple of layers on. Because in reality, the only time he really wears real layers is for photo shoots or nice events. True. Heck, most of the time at home, I'm happy to just keep a single tee shirt on him! So, enter, the layered LOOK hooded tee!

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My nephew has a shirt I adore. It's a tee shirt that has a faux layered look with the doubled sleeves (like I made in this post) and a hood. BUT, it also has a collar, so it looks like he has on two shirts, when in fact, it's a single one. Pretty slick! And I have wanted to do the same style for Thomas for quite some time now.

And then, Tami from Love Notions made the totally rad Vanguard Kit.

 Seriously, isn't that hem great!!

And it has the option of the hood or a collar. But, I wanted BOTH, so use both I did! And, I'm going to show you how. It's so so EASY!

(You can do this with ANY shirt pattern that has the option of a hood or collar.)

First, assemble your shirt how the instructions state stopping when you get to the neckline. (I just fully assembled my shirt, minus the neck, so it may look different that the tutorial.) You will also need to assemble your hood and the collar as the instructions state.

Now, pin the collar into place on the right side of the shirt, matching the quarter points. You know, just like how the instructions in the pattern state to. Now, you can baste the collar into place now if you want. It makes the next step a bit easier.

Now, take your hood and pin it to the shirt, right sides together with the collar sandwiches between the shirt and the hood. 

(I didn't baste the collar into place.)

You can see, the hood has some excess fabric. That is because the hood doesn't get stretched to fit the neckline like the collar does. So, you are going to have to ease it in a bit. You can baste the hood into place first if you are unsure. Sew the hood into place and stretch the collar to match the neckline and hood. But be careful not to stretch out the neck of the shirt or the hood. It sounds scary and difficult, but it really isn't. After you have basted the collar and hood into place, then serge or sew it on properly.

And that is all there is to it! Turn right side out and press the seam allowance down and you are done. You are welcome to topstitch the seam allowance down. If you do, remember to use a stretch or zig zag stitch, double needle or a coverstitch machine.

Can we talk about this awesome fabric for a minute? The fantastically fabulous Phat Quarters sent me this ah-mazing Art Gallery knit for this post. No joke, when we got home and Thomas had to have his shower because this happened during our shoot.....

he tossed his new shirt to me and said "Will you wash this so I can wear it tomorrow?" That would be a sign that this shirt was an absolute hit! He thinks those owls are the bestest. And I love the mustard cotton lycra Gemia recommended with it.

I was told "cool people don't smile."
I don't think he meant to duck lip me. But he did.

This shirt will be perfect for spring and summer. It's so soft and comfortable!

He was full of it tonight for our shoot. Lots of attitude.

He didn't agree with me about needing just a couple more frames.

And looking back, we really did great lots of great ones.

But in my defense, we have WAAAAY more like this.

Or this.

And then there is this.

But then he gives me some great ones like this.

And the craziness is all worth and fun. But back to the shirt! Take advantage of the super fast shipping Phat Quarters has and get your hands on some of this great Art Gallery fabric and sew up some fun shirts for spring and summer! Looking for The Vanguard Kit? You can find it over at Love Notions.


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