Monday, February 1, 2016

Faux Layered Shirt Tutorial

I adore the look of layering. However, Thomas is rather hot blooded and can't stand to wear layers. (Any layered looks he wears are strictly photo shoot looks. LOL)
Thomas does like the look of layered tees though, so these faux layered shirts are a win win!

You can use any tee shirt pattern that has a short and long sleeve option. I am using Love Notion's Moto Maxx for my shirt. 

Cut the shirt out as the pattern instructs, but cut out both sleeve length options.

Take the short sleeve option and press the bottom hem up per the pattern instructions. Then top stitch the hem into place.

Place the WRONG short sleeve on top of the RIGHT side of the long sleeve. Baste together along the top.

Now, treat the layered sleeve as one and attach to the body of the shirt per the pattern instructions.

Sew the side seam as instructed in the pattern. Be certain to line up the short sleeve hems!!

This is what your sleeve will look like when finished.

 Crazy easy, huh!

Now, find a cute model.

And tell him to strike some poses.

Tell him not to laugh.

Oh, check out the back of this shirt!

This amazing fabric can be found at Mabel Madison. It has the large tiger panel and this fun print. It's like a two for one! 

This guy certainly approves!!

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