Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sew Yourself Some Love

Welcome to my stop of the Sew Yourself Some Love tour! Over the last six months, I have been sewing more for myself. And as a result, I'm finding that I'll wearing less and less of the store bought clothes in my closet. Sewing for youRself means that you can get the PERFECT fit in the style and color YOU want. Ready to wear clothing is so blah after you start wearing clothes that fit in colors that flatter.

I have been crushing on this aqua/mint pastel for a while. I love the color and how it looks on me. When I picked some of this incredible french terry up from Joanns, I knew I wanted an oversized hoodie out of it. Omni Tempore by Sofilantjes Patterns was perfect!!

I went up a size per my measurements, to get it oversized and it's so comfortable and warm! It's not huge on me, just perfectly baggy.

The sleeves are a bit long, but I'm only 5'2", and this is a unisex pattern that I sized up, so, totally expected some long sleeves. And I LOVE them! I can pull the cuffs down over my hands to keep my fingers toasty.

I really like the cross over in the front of the roomy hood. It's a really nice detail that steps this up a level above an everyday hoodie.

Yes, I had a photo bomber while I was shooting these. He is the reason why I need to do some things for myself at times. ;)

 Just keeping it real here today. Because this is life.

The hoodie was easy to sew up. I did it in a couple hours, including printing the pattern, assembling and cutting, one evening after that nutcase went to bed. I need simple sews because after an entire day of him, my brain needs to relax a bit.

He's definitely "all boy", but also a total momma's boy and wanted to take a picture with me while I was going pictures for this post. I really can't say no to that mischievous face when the request is so sweet.

This pattern went immediately into the MUST SEW AGAIN file! It's comfortable like my favorite pajamas, but doesn't LOOK like I'm wearing my favorite pajamas. I call that a win!

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I was compensated for being a part of this tour in the form of the pattern I shared today. My opinions on this pattern are my own. 


  1. Kelly, that color IS lovely on you and the hoodie looks really comfortable. I had not noticed the crossover part of the hood when looking at the pattern; thanks for pointing that out. Your little boy is precious! Mine is all grown up with five (4 boys, 1 girl) of his own now. :)

  2. That color is AHmazing on you Kelly!! I love how comfy the Omni Tempore already is - what a great idea to size up! I'll have to try it this fall.


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