Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I made pants! Winter Wear Aviators Tour

Back in August I made my youngest two some awesome pants for the Bundle Up Boy Tour using Winter Wear Designs Aviator Pants. I simply LOVE those pants on both my son and daughter!

So, when I was invited to participate in the Aviator Pants tour to celebrate the release of the woman's version, I couldn't say yes fast enough! I mean come on! Look how comfy those things look. And they must be, because each kiddo has pulled their Aviators out of the drawer multiple times already this fall. I needed in on that comfort!

Now, it's time to get real. And I mean REAL. When the tester photos of the women's aviators started making their appearances on Facebook, I was a little blown away. Those testers made those pants look GLAMOROUS. The styling was amazing. They paired their Aviators with heals, ballet flats, blazers, jewelery, you get it. They looked awesome.

And then, I started to have a small panic attack.

Because, that's not me. Yeah, I can style and dress my kids. They look pretty awesome if I say so myself. And I CAN style myself. BUT, I'm never COMFORTABLE when I dress like that. And I don't mean that the clothes aren't comfortable, it's that I don't feel like ME. I'm super casual. So, staying true to me, I bring you the super casual, super comfy, super, youaretotallygonnawanttomakeapairlikethistoo Women's Aviator Pants.

These are made of minky. Yeah, they are way awesome. Jealous?
You are. And that's okay. They are super cozy for lounging around on the sofa with a little crochet project.

Yeah, who am I kidding? That project is MONTHS old and should have only taken me a week to finish. I'm more likely to be found like this in these pants.

Yep, doing dishes. Hey, at least I'm comfy! Let's talk the outfit. My awesome minky Aviators are paired with a tank top layered with a size XL maternity hoodie that I can't bare to part with. It's ENORMOUS on me (I wear a size medium or large shirt to give you an idea of how enormous.), but I love it so it stays in my closet and I wear it like a robe.

They are also wonderful for that calming morning cup of coffee.

Yeah, my morning caffeine consumption looks more like this.

I know I'm not alone guys! Remember, we are being real here!
Actually, super real. That floor is in the process of being ripped out. New flooring goes down in a few days!! I'm beyond excited!!!!

Back to pants.
I also made a wonderful pair out of french terry for my sporty look. Paired with a hoodie. And running shoes. Fancy pants here. I actually wore this outfit out last night. People will attest to that. They saw me. My husband says that one day people from an ambush make over show are going to show up at our door. Really, is that a horrible thing? All expense paid shopping trip and mini vacation without the kids for a few days? Sign me up!

When I came out in these for pictures, my daughter said "I thought we were doing more pictures? Where are your pants?" When I told her these were them for this round, she said they looked store bought. Calm down, it's a compliment. Her next question was where my glasses were. I forgot them and was too lazy to go back for them when I was half way up the steps and noticed. So, I'm squinky. But oh well. Real life, remember.

I plan to use these for running also. So I figured that would be a cute way to model the pants.

Did you know it's HARD to look cute and fake run at the same time?

How about a fake fast walk instead? I'm sure my neighbors were very confused by the action going on in front of their houses.

So ,those are my Aviators. Super simple. I went with the front pockets but left off the cargo pockets and the cuffs. Making these, I found out my body is a complete mess and I had to blend a few sizes together to get the proper fit for me. You would think I would know this since I can never find pants that fit me well. Even sweats pants will be huge in the front rise and waist to fit my hips and butt. Apparently, I have quite a butt on me because it is two sizes bigger than my waist and my front rise and a size bigger than my hips. THREE blended sizes and FOUR muslins later, I had some good fitting pants! The muslins are wearable, but not for anything outside my living room. I have standards, folks. Not high ones, but I do have them.

All that said, I am really happy with the pattern and my pants! The way the pattern is nested made it really easy to blend the sizes to get a fit perfect for me! There are also tips and alteration lines for customizing the rise and the inseam in the pattern. I will no longer be fumbling around a store trying to find comfy pants to fit me!!

You don't want to miss out on the rest of the tour!
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Sew a Straight Line      10/23
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And to make it even more awesome, head over to Winter Wear Designs and take advantage of her first site wide sale! Use the code AVIATORTOUR for 15% off any pattern (except bundles) until 10/26. Or you can buy both the women's and children's aviator pants bundle and save 30%!

Then, pull some minky off your shelf and make the most cozy lounge pants ever! I am doing that next. My 13 year old was promised a pair for playing photographer for me. :)

Disclosure: I did receive the Women's Aviator Pants pattern for free for participating in the tour. My opinions, thoughts, and goofiness, are all my own.


  1. I like your post and your comfy Pants! Thanks for giving us a look into your real life!

    1. Thank you! And you are welcome! LOL We have a lot of fun here!

  2. I love this post and your pants - thanks so much for joining in the tour!!!!


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