Friday, October 24, 2014

He wanted to sew something

For the past week, Thomas has been begging me to teach him to sew. Last night was a pretty good opportunity so we ran with it. I asked him what he wanted to sew and he said a coat with buttons. We decided some simple pajamas pants were a better idea. He asked if he could pick his own fabric. Of course!
We ended up with these.

Yucky grainy picture. Sorry, he only let me grab one and then he was off. So no chance to actually correct my settings after getting this way underexposed shot. It happens.

Pony fabric. Never mind the yards and yards of super boyish prints I have. The kid wanted ponies. He loves My Little Pony and can name them all.

He was super thrilled to get to sew! Until, I made him pin. He didn't care for pinning. Can't say I blame him, I don't like to pin either and avoid it as much as possible.

He LOVED feeding the material into the machine though.

And he did a super job at keeping his seam allowance nice and even. He is detail orientated and this is a task where it paid off!

We had to make it so he could use the foot peddle. That was his favorite part!

And the ironing. Let's hope he always likes to do that!

He was a very proud boy when he was finished! Of course he didn't do it ALL himself. I cut the pieces, serged, pinned the inseam to make sure it lined up and threaded the elastic.

He, of course, wore them to bed last night and has no desire to take them off today.

People may have been shaking their heads, but I did let him wear them to the grocery store today. He had on shoes at least, no slippers!

Goofy face when he realized I was taking picture of him eating his cereal and watching Curious George this morning. 

Of course, I had to make him a shirt to match his new pajama bottoms. ;) It's a good thing his dad is super cool and not a "my boy must be a BOY" type of guy. He did shake his head, chuckle, and remind me about how thrilled I was to have another boy when Thomas was born. LOL Hey, my boy can wear ponies and purple!

I can see these sewing lessons continuing. He is very proud of himself and we actually got this accomplished in about an hour. Not bad.

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  1. I love this more than words can express! My 12 yr old even likes MLP, and I admit, I get sucked into it ;) Great job on the pants! I hope you are
    DVRing Threads for him


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