Monday, April 14, 2014

Willow & Co Tester Tour Clover Shorts & Persimmon Dress and Top

I was so incredibly lucky to be chosen to test not one, but four different patterns for the rocking new pattern company Willow & Co. You guys will be soooo happy with what this company has to offer! Their intro collection is called Wanderlust and it is so cool. It is a collection with patterns for both boys and girls with a glamping theme. How cool is that! Total style and comfort in one!!

I tested three girl patterns and one boy pattern. I am going to do my
first review with two of the girl patterns I tested,
the Clover Shorts and the Persimmon Dress and Top designed by Mouse House Creations.

First up, the Clover Shorts. These super cute shorts have a pleated front and button tab belt loops to hold a super cute wide sash. Front pockets are perfect for all the little treasures that little girls collect during the day. Because come on, girls shove everything they find in their pockets, too! I once dug crab apples out of this girl's coat pockets, yuck!

There is plenty of room in the booty for playing on the playground, or going for a hike, or that random cartwheel. Anybody else have a daughter who will just cartwheel in the cereal isle of the grocery store?

This pattern is super versitile and can be made classic and clean or trendy and funky depending on the fabric you choose!

I paired it with the Persimmon Dress and Top. Obviously I made the top length, but I have plans for a dress also! With ruffles! There is a fun option to have side ruffles that I can't wait to sew for her. While my fabric choice is kinda poor to show the details, there are inverted pleats in the bodice and a center accent panel. This was really easy to sew up, don't be intimidated by the pleats!

The arm holes are finished off with bias tape. I made mine, but you are certainly welcome to use store bought. I highly recommend making your own though! It is much softer and lays so much nicer. It's really easy to do! Here is a great tutorial on how by Dana at Dana Made It.

Because of the pleating at the top, the tunic fans out nicely making it nice and comfy and cool. Some day summer will be here and I can imaging this top getting lots of wear. It would be adorable now with a cardigan. And the shorts are darling with tights underneath!

There is also an option to have cute pockets on the front that I opted out of because they would be lost in this print. Next dress however will have pockets! Again, poor fabric choice allows it to be seen, but there is also an accent panel that goes down the front of the shirt. Loads of opportunity for some fun funky styles with that feature!

Oh, did I mention that you can choose to do a small facing or fully line the dress? Because you can!
This pattern would be great for some sheer fabric that needs a lining layer.

These are both pretty easy and quick sews that yield clean, professional results! The release date for the Clover Shorts and the Persimmon Dress and Top and the other seven patterns are scheduled for April 22nd and will be available for purchase at the Willow & Co website. They will be available to purchase individually or as a bundle. Horray! Who doesn't love a bundle!!??

The other patterns I tested were the Mulberry Tunic by Kid Approved.

And the Ash Jumpsuit by petit à petit and family.

I will be doing a separate post for each of those patterns, so stay tuned!!


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