Monday, April 21, 2014

Willow & Co Tester Tour Ash Jumpsuit

The final pattern I tested for the brand spanking new company Willow & Co was the Ash Jumpsuit designed by petit à petit and family.

 This is a great pattern that is full of options! You can choose to make your jumpsuit one piece or separate top and bottoms. My daughter isn't a fan of one pieces, so I went with two.
 Other options are a contrasting facing around the neck, arms and back or plain, a band at the bottom of the shirt, elastic at the bottom of the shirt, and............

Pockets! We had to go with pockets!

 Like usual, I made two versions during testing. This version has some fun decorative stitching
along the bottom of the shirt above the band. I wish I would have taken a better shot of it, but oh well.

The baltik pink outfit is a size 8 and it JUST fits. I failed to measure before sewing, big NO NO, and my little model had made a HUGE growth spurt in the two months since her last measurements were taken. So the second set, the white and floral is a size 10 and fits much better. Of course she has worn both sets, and mixed and matched to my horror, several times already. They washed up beautifully and I am happy to report that the neckline didn't need any ironing after washing. My luck!!

The pattern was really easy to follow, despite all the different options. And I am thrilled with the results. I want to make her a few more because she has worn these so much already. Must be a hit!

That wraps up all the pattern testing I was so lucky to help Willow & Co with for the upcoming release of their debute line Wanderlust. The release date is tomorrow, Tuesday April 22nd.
You won't want to miss this amazing glamping theme collection that is full of fun inspiring pieces for both boys and girls!