Friday, March 2, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4 Day 5

Boys Can Wear Pink Day 5

Today is the final day of the Boys Can Wear Pink tour. I hope you can agree that boys can wear any color out there, even pink. And they look great in it!!! Just like girls can look amazing in blue, boys can look amazing in pink. Everybody should just wear the colors they enjoy!!

Today's looks pretty much cover every single occasion out there! Which is way cool!! Boys can wear pink while doing anything!! Which, is a silly thing to have to say, but it still seems to need to be said, even in 2018. Because while it may be more accepting for boys to wear pink than it was in the past, society still tells us that "pink is a girl's color." This was proven with the a few of blogger's models. As the boys featured in this tour are getting older, it's getting harder for the bloggers to find fabric that their boy accepts because ANY pink instantly means, girls. This tour isn't about forcing our boys to wear pink for our cause, so the bloggers worked hard to find fabrics their kids liked and would wear, not just for the tour, but everyday. In my situation, Thomas actually doesn't even care for the color pink now that he's older. He will tell you it's fine for boys, he just doesn't like it. Which is fine!! He doesn't have to!! (By the way, he really digs purple.) So, it's REALLY hard for me to find stuff he likes for this tour, because I want him to wear his clothes with pride. I can 100% honestly say he LOVES his shirt this year. But when he wore it to school, he came home and declared he would never wear it back. Why? Because he was annoyed with everybody asking him why he was wearing a pink shirt. A kid shouldn't feel like that over a shirt.

The Bug's Bit proves that pink is great for any occasion!

Paisley Roots used the sweetest panel for her son's shirt.

 Sweet Meadow Threads has a really fun unique look that I love!

The Berry Bunch has a Minecraft shirt any boy or girl would go crazy over!!

 CKC Patterns is sharing a dressy look for their final day! Their little models big smile is melting my heart!!

Thanks for joining us for another great year of Boys Can Wear Pink! 

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