Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to School with Made for Mermaids

It's definitely back to school time! And for some many families, that means new clothes! And while I don't create an entirely new wardrobe for the start of school, I do like to make sure my kids have a few new pieces to ensure they have SOMETHING that isn't stained or ratty for that first week back.

This year Kate is going to be a seventh grader. And even though she is a tween, I still enjoy making clothes for her and she still enjoys having unique pieces. The boutique look has never really been her thing. She prefers athletic wear and simple basics, jeans and tees.

So, that's what I made! Well, not the jeans. But I did make her this adorable tee shirt using Made for Mermaids' Mya Top upcycling a men's XXXL tee.

The tees in the girls department tend to be very, well bubble gum girly. So, we often pick up cheap tees from the men's department and use a cute girl cut tee pattern to make a unique look, but one that meshes well with the styles her friends wear so she doesn't feel uncool about wearing mom made clothes.

I used the top length a couple sizes up for Kate's chest size to give the tee a looser fit. I also added a bit of length and transferred the curve hem of the tunic to the tee.

Don't let the too cool for school look fool you. The girl was cracking up between frames.

Officially ready for junior high. She is my third kid at this school, so it's really not a big deal. She knows what she is in for. ;)

Made for Mermaids is having a rocking sale to celebrate back to school! Use the code M4MB2S for 20% Off (Excludes fabric). And if you go over to their blog, you can find some really great printables to keeping track of the ever changing measurements of your little (or not so little) one and enter to win a pretty fab giveaway. 

And be sure to check out the other amazing bloggers on the tour! So much talent to get inspiration from!!


  1. Man, you nailed the middle school look (and I'm a middle school teacher)! Love the up-cycle! Too cool for school.

  2. Good thing you added the smiling picture with braces, otherwise she was looking fierce! My kids demanded I make some back to school items for the (always working on better manners!) but I was very happy to oblige. I love sending them to school in unique handmade items.

  3. I love the upcycle! That's really a great idea, and something I need to do a lot more of. :)

  4. Where did you get this shirt? My DD loves all things cats right now.


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