Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sew Americana

Welcome to my stop on Wild and Wanderful's Sew Americana tour! I stepped a bit outside of my normal sewing zone and made a quilt!

Well, most of one anyway.....

This is the story of good intentions and life just happening. Because, bloggers actually have real lives outside of the sewing studio. My summer life has been busy!  And well, the weather has been nice and I've been out in it instead of behind the sewing machine.

But, I LOVED the idea of this tour when Katy shared it and I had to sign up. And then, my friend Jen from Patterns by Jen released this amazing quilt and I knew it would be absolutely PERFECT for this tour!

And then, it was fabric picking time. Well, Gemia from Phat Quarters was the biggest help in the world and spent I don't know how long pulling fabrics and sending me pictures so I could decide what I wanted to use. And TWO days later, this pile of gorgeousness was on my cutting table.

The green on the far right is from stash and I have no clue what it is. Next, we have Mediteranneo, followed by Remix Grey Plus, (which I ended up not using) Pretty Flowers on Denim, Off Shore Red Dot, Lakehouse Dot in Dove, Coral Gingham, Fog Peppered Cotton and Lake Peppered Cotton (I had this in stash and it's no longer listed). (also used and not shown, Parchment Triangles.) The white used as the main background is Kona white. Phat Quarters has free US shipping on orders of $25 or more with code SUMMER25 so if feel inspired, now is the time to go grab some fabrics. ;) Code expires at the end of the month, so hurry!

So, I'm #notaquilter. But, once in a while, I pretend to be one, about three times a year. And I'm pretty proud to say that I managed to piece this top together in a mere 6 days. Now, I know that that's not impressive, Jen can knock this out in an evening, I bet. But, for me, 6 days is quite amazing.

   And then, I sewed the final seam and I managed to sew one half of the quilt on backwards.

Whomp, whomp, waaaaahhhhh.

Can we say this again, #notaquilter. 

So, I get the seam ripper out and 30 minutes later, it was correct. And then came time to make my sandwich. If you are #notaquilter, let me tell you what a sandwich is. It's your quilt, in pieces. Your backing fabric, batting in the middle and then the pieced top on top. Because what I made so far, is just a pieced top. It's not a quilt until all those layers are sewn together. So, like a good pretend quilter, I started assembling my sandwich on my living room floor.

And it wasn't long until I was sending this picture to Jen begging her to fly to my house to help me.

Because, dude, it's HARD! You have to pull all the wrinkles out of all three layers and get them all together nicely. And then, you have to pin them all together. Which, cover your eyes, Jen, I didn't pin it. I used some basting spray and went with it. Yeah, after 45 minutes of wrestling with that thing, I was over it. I drug it to my machine to show it who was boss. 

But not before pretending I could get away with a shot like this pretending it was finished. LOL

So, to the machine we went and I quilted it together. Well, most of it.

I have a couple blocks let to go. This small log cabin is one of them.

 These are beautifully quilted together though, so we can admire this part of the quilt.

I just love how these fabrics work together giving the quilt a vintage Americana feel that is soft and subtle.

The three blocks on the left still need quilted. But, the end is in sight!

And then I have to sew on the binding. Don't worry, I'll share it when I'm all finished!! I can't wait! I know this quilt is going to get LOTS of use!

Thanks so very much to Patterns by Jen and Phat Quarters for sponsoring my post for the Sew Americana Tour!

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As a special bonus for our readers, use the code ' SEWAMERICANA ' and enjoy a 20% discount at  You'll find a ton of maker-inspired goodies!
(All created by your tour guide, Katy, from Wild & Wanderful.)


  1. Kelly, that quilt is gorgeous. Don't be surprised if it disappears one day and ends up in my house. Gemia did a fantastic job of choosing fabrics, I might have to have her pick for my next cover quilt. I think you can officially drop the #notaquilter. Piecing together a quilt in 6 days is very impressive, especially knowing the busy life you lead. Great almost-finish!

  2. This is just gorgeous Kelly! I am #notaquilter either. I can't seem to finish what I started for the tester quilt...HUGE FAILURE! It all just seems so overwhelming to me. I have the Farmhouse Vintage book and want to start a sampler. A block here and there seems less daunting than a WHOLE quilt.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! I would love to sew a huge quilt for our living room but I am also in the #notaquilter camp. I've done one, and girl I am ALL about that spray baste. I get way too frustrated trying to flatten it out with pins. That canned stuff is a GODSEND.

  4. I like piecing tops and then pretending I'll quilt it...but then do a really terrible job of the sandwich/quilting part. You're my hero. Six days is impressive!! (Oh, and spray baste? You're suddenly making me want to go buy new goodies for sewing shortcuts.)

    1. I have a tote of tops completed. One day they will be quilted. LOL I'm actually really enjoying the process of quilting this one. Maybe that will carry over and I'll get some more finished up.

  5. #notaquilter, My favorite piece to this post because I am #notaquilter too! I was so impressed when you showed a pic of this project! It's a great nod to patriotic without going overboard. :)

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  7. That is absolutely gorgeous! I need to quilt more this coming winter. I will definitely check out the new pattern. Jen is so talented!

  8. I am blown away by these gorgeous quilts. It is stunning!

  9. It's going to be so stunning when finished! I so need to finish my kids quilts. I've been sitting on the fabric for years now! Eek!

  10. It's going to be so stunning when finished! I so need to finish my kids quilts. I've been sitting on the fabric for years now! Eek!

  11. It's going to be so stunning when finished! I so need to finish my kids quilts. I've been sitting on the fabric for years now! Eek!


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