Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now he is SIX

My guy had a birthday earlier this month and I am so excited to share his party with you!
I hope you are ready for tons of photos, because I could not narrow them down.
And I apologize for the weird inconsistency of their color and contrast. Try as I might to bypass the weirdness blogger can have on images, I could not win this round. 

Thomas loves space, so naturally, he requested a space themed party.

We have so much fun planning parties! The kids get to choose their theme and color scheme. And then we start brainstorming decorations and food that ties in.

We tend to keep the decorations and stuff pretty contained to a single table. It helps keep the cost under control because I don't feel compelled to decorate the entire house and yard, yet still has a nice wow factor once all set up.

My older daughter and I had fun shopping for some space themed foods.

Fruit Loops for Saturn's Rings, Moon Pies, "Egg Eclipse" (deviled eggs) are all shown above.

"Black Holes" (oreos) "Asteroids" (typo on my decor!!) were Coco Puffs, some "Alien Fruit" to keep things healthy, "Comet Chips" and salsa, "Rocket Dogs" were corn dogs still in the oven during this shoot. and a bowl of Milky Ways were a must.

We also had the always requested cake pops! I mean, Planet Pops.

I have this fear of not having enough food at a party. So, I always tend to have WAY too much food at parties. I'm much more comfortable with that.

The rocket above was made by covering  a pringles can with card stock. Super simple and made for a nice extra touch.

I hot glued some card stock to the koolaid bottles to turn them into rockets for the kids. Again, simple and cheap.

One of Thomas's favorite parts of party planning is picking out his cake. This year, he found a moon one scrolling Pinterest with me that he fell in love with.

My moon isn't very round, more egg like, but he still loved it.

I made the little flag from card stock and a bamboo skewer. The glitter six was found in the cake decorating section at Hobby Lobby and was the perfect touch.

Thomas's least favorite part is taking pictures before the party begins.

I always try to get the party set up finished a half hour or so before guests arrive so I can take his pictures before the crazy starts. He is always too excited to stand around getting the paparazzi treatment.

But try as hard as he might to keep from smiling, I can usually get him to come around and give me a few pictures that show his excitement.

The shirt was a first for me! I normally make a shirt that ties in to the theme in some way, but this time, I took it a step farther and ordered some fabric off of Spoonflower using the graphics I designed myself for his invitations and decorations. I LOVE how it turned out! I ordered the modern jersey. It was nice and has a nice drape. It's a bit thin, much like athletic shirt fabric. Thomas gets hot easily, so it was perfect for a shirt for him since summer is right around the corner.

He is the master at that fake smile.

But the real one came out again when it was finally time for cake.

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the cake! He REALLY wanted a strawberry cake. I used this one I found on pinterest. It was good, but next time, I will not use the jello pack. I preferred the taste of the batter before it was added. The real strawberries were enough for me. 

After cake was gifts and Thomas had been begging for a pair of roller blades for months. Well, he got his wish!

He was so excited to get out on them! And he did so great his first time!!

He can make some weird faces when he is really concentrating.

He had a great party! I can't wait to see what he accomplishes this year!!

Happy birthday, Thomas.


  1. What a beautiful party ! Great job and Happy birthday buddy!!

    1. Thank you!! Wish you could have been here for it.

  2. What a beautiful party ! Great job and Happy birthday buddy!!

  3. wow very creative little boy . Happy birthday to you God bless , be Good all the time. your not a baby any more your a Big Boy :) thanks for your blog :) -
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  4. How did I miss this?! He looks all grown up all of a sudden!
    Happy Birthday to your sweetie.