Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time for School Wardrobe Capsule Tour

 I am bursting at the seams to share what I have been working on since July! It's been a HUGE project but it is so rewarding to have it done. Well, almost, I have a few more pieces I want to add, but I ran out of time. Life, what can you do but roll with it, right? 

When I was invited on the Time for School Wardrobe Capsule Tour, I jumped on it! What a cool concept! And it's really perfect for independent kids who like to pick their own clothes but have a dad who kinda cares that they match, just a little bit. And while Thomas homeschools, he still needs clothes that look nice for his weekly cello lessons and trips to the library. And simply because we live in a civilized society.

 I don't do a lot of formal planning when I sew. It just kinda happens. No sketches, no real set goal, no picking a color pallet, or even choosing fabrics ahead of time. I just sew with a general idea in mind.

I basically attacked my stash, pulled out what fabrics I liked and then picked a pattern to go with it. I had a pretty good idea on what patterns I wanted to use. Some got added as I went just because I wanted to sew them. I did do one shopping trip to pick up a few fabrics for bottoms.

I knew he needed some new long sleeve tees so I started there. These will be worn on their own and used to layer under hoodies and pull overs as the temps drop.

These shirts are all different weights and work really well as either a light weight piece of outerwear when the temps start to drop, or as a layer as winter rolls in. 

His pants I kept pretty nuetral. Other than the green skinny jeans that are sure to drive Thomas's father crazy because Thomas will want to wear them with everything. They won't last long though because I sewed them in really early July and even though I added length, they fit perfectly now. Growth spurts. Kid had TWO while working on this project! I added extra length to all the pants except the brown pair of Jasper Joggers which I made for testing so they had to fit now to check for any fit issues. All the pants work really well cuffed up and the ones with elastic at the hem stay up on his ankle well due to their design.

For outerwear, I made Thomas a nice weight zip hoodie. The outer is knit and the lining is thicker brushed knit so it's warm without being incredibly bulky. His winter coat still fits from last year. I do want to make him a flannel or fleece peacoat still.

Now that you've seen the pieces, how about some styling!

This look is courtesy of this week's sponsor Titchy Threads. LOVE her patterns and was so excited to see her on the tour! I owned the Twisted Trousers but hadn't sewn them up yet. I absolutely adore how they turned out! The outer is grey cotton twill and they are lined with kona cotton. Here, they are paired with the Safari Tee. I did receive this pattern for the tour and, I love it! It's kind of a slim fitting tee which is perfect for my tall slim kid. I embellished it with heat transfer vinyl with my family's favorite car. Let me tell you, this kid is brutal with the slug bug game!
In the background you can see other pieces that all mix and match so he can pick out his own clothes easily. He does care if things match, just his way of doing it is kinda crazy at times. LOL

Next up, are the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. This is one of my favorite pants patterns. The finishes are amazing and the fit is perfect. I made a size 5 with an extra 4" at the hem hoping to get through the winter, but nope, I may get until January. The waist is a bit loose (as expected, he measures for about a 3 or a 4) but they aren't as long as I had hoped. I used a grey denim I found at Joanns. His shirt is my very first Ottobre pattern and features Peek-a-Boo custom fabric.

Gotta love details.

I am a detail freak. I think they really take clothes to the next level.
(Titchy Threads Twisted Trousers and Small Fry Skinny Jeans shown above)

These looks feature Titchy Threads Rowan Tee, which again, I owned, just had not sewn yet. Such a fun little accent on the sleeve! Shirt on the left features custom fabric from Peek-a-Boo, and the right is fabric from Phat Quarters. Both sets can be mixed and matched. On the right he has on Peek-a-Boo Essential Sweats made from sweatshirt knit from Joanns that was in my stash and on the left, the same grey Small Fry Skinny Jeans from above.

Serious style is happening here! The Safari Tee paired with Peek-a-Boo Rough and Tumble Pants made from some light weight denim I had in my stash. I can't remember where it's from, sorry! I also lined them with some nice cotton lycra so they are extra cozy. Again, what he is wearing can mix and match with the clothes in the background.

More pairings with the Peek-a-Boo Rough and Tumble Pants. The flannel fox pull over on the right is made from modifying the Laguna Beach Pull over. Flannel is from Joanns. The hoodie is modified from the Peek-a-Boo Grand Slam made from Birch organic cotton fleece.

This modified Submarine Pullover from Shwin Designs  in striped cotton twill from Hobby Lobby layers comfortably over the Titchy Threads Rowan Tee paired with the Small Fry Skinny Jeans.

More possible looks. It's amazing how many different ways these can be paired up.

Some may just argue about the versatility of green jeans, but I think they work.

It's absolutely crazy how many looks I can pull together with this small stack of clothes. Easily 40 looks with just 17 pieces. (I didn't count the zip up hoodie.)

If you noticed that shoes are missing, it's because Thomas mainly just wears tennis shoes. He doesn't need a new pair yet, so I haven't bought any. He will get a new pair of running shoes (typically he picks Under Armor) and a new pair of Converse later this fall.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

We would like to give a huge shout out thanks to the sponsors of this tour!!

What's a tour without a giveaway?!

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  1. Lovely job Kelly! Thanks for the inspiration to sew for my own boys...although in South Florida we don't need as many warm clothes, I now know the couple long sleeve tops and pants that I want to make this year :)

  2. This capsule is so amazing! And you made so many awesome pieces. I am still just as obsessed with that pullover. And those twisted trousers. OMG you are awesome! Thanks so much for joining the tour!

  3. You. Are. AMAZING!! And it's that detail freak in you that makes your sewing phenomenal and even better than store bought! So inspiring!!!

  4. This capsule is so amazing! And you made so many awesome pieces. I am still just as obsessed with that pullover. And those twisted trousers. OMG you are awesome! Thanks so much for joining the tour!

  5. What an amazing wardrobe! I love the twisted trousers, all the t-shirts and your amazing fabric selections.

  6. I have been admiring your work in different Facebook sewing groups over the past few days and it's so fun to see everything together. Great job, everything looks wonderful (including the cute kid!).

  7. Wow Kelly! You made so many amazing pieces, and they all go so well together. I love all the little details you've added, especially the Beetle on the T-shirt.


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