Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CraftingCon Come to the Dark Side

When I saw the announcement for CraftingCon I KNEW I wanted to sign up! I have never participated in a sewing competition before and I admit, I was way nervous because I am such a newbie blogger, but it was so fun!

The rules were to create an outfit that fits our theme that is practical. No costumes, it has to be everyday wear that they can play in and something that "they can wear to the grocery store." Props are allowed and it has to be fun and have an element of play. I can do that!

There were a list of themes we could pick from and I chose Star Wars. I am not a Star Wars geek myself so much, but my dad is and he has pulled my children into loving it, especially my oldest daughter and my youngest son. So, I knew I had to sew something Star Wars. And I knew who was going to inspire my look.

Darth Vader.

Thomas thinks he is just way cool. And what's not to love?! He has a light saber and a cape! 

So I got to work googling the different styles Darth Vader has sported over the years. Pulled out one of my favorite patterns, Peek-a-Boo's Boardwalk Henley Hoodie and got the work! I knew this pattern was perfect. I used gray and black striped knit fabric to mimic Darth Vader's armor. Then I used scraps of knit fabric to applique the design of the buttons on the control panel on Darth Vader's chest and the shape that is inspired by the belt buckle. Applique is a super easy way to dress up a basic boy's shirt! You can find lots of tutorials on how to do it like this one here. I used a really short stitched zig zag stitch to mimic a satin stitch on my shirt, but I could have easily just used a quick straight stitch since knit doesn't fray.

 Bam! The perfect everyday Darth Vader look!

And, it has a cape. Of course! Thomas made sure of that. I added this cape the same way I added the cape to this shirt here, only this time I used the hoodie option of the shirt instead of the henley.

He is one super happy kid!

I paired the Little Sith Lord's shirt with a pair of Peek-a-Boo's Castaway Cargo shorts. They are made of some super comfy charcoal gray knit that is perfect for playing in. Or the random light saber battle.

Yeah, I know Darth Vader's light saber is red. My daughter has made that VERY clear. But, we had a blue light saber on hand and I couldn't find a red one. So, blue will do. ;)

This picture cracks me up!

I am so happy I was able to participate in CraftingCon! Go check my post out at Friends Stitched Together!

Happy sewing and may The Force be with you!


  1. Thanks for playing along with us, Kelly! I love this tee and I'm pretty sure John needs one now :)

  2. oh my gosh I'm obviously severely distracted now by all the lovely things you make ahha! I had to post a comment though, you're so amazing and talented and creative! So excited to get the chance to just chill and flick through your blog and all your beautiful photos!